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Newest songs are at the top. If you would like to purchase licenses to use my songs in your projects, please contact me. Orchestral 48Hour - A short, spooky track written for the New Zealand 2007 48 Hour Music festival and one of the participating teams.
Orchestral Revelations - A more elaborate piece for an upcoming game project.
Classical Theme - The main (piano) theme score for an upcoming game project.
Electronic Aftermath - This song was originally intended as in-game music for a multiplayer UT:XMP level that never came to be.
Electronic Dragonfly - An in-game music track for the multiplayer UT:XMP level Dragonfly.
Electronic Marathon:Resurrection Splash - The splash (intro and menu) track for Marathon:Resurrection, an Unreal Tournament total conversion mod.
Electronic Electrogroove - A personal project track, settles into a groove and keeps on going.