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:home is the personal website of Marian Zamfirescu (aka. Tycho Brahe), a 3D modeling and texture artist, interface designer and amateur musician living near Vancouver, BC. Here you will find my various art portfolio works, photographs, original music compositions and an occasional opinion piece. You will also be able to purchase licenses for some of the items you find here, for both personal and commercial purposes.

I am available for contract and commission work as well as long term projects if scheduling permits. Your enquiries are welcome.


Photography section update Oct. 31, 2010 After a long wait, the photography section has been updated with a few new photographs from around the world and nearby. Please wander over to the photo section to take a look!
New opinion piece Sep. 14, 2008 I wanted to share a few thoughts on our obsession with bigger, better, faster, more; always reaching for something that will outdo that which it did before. Read on in the opinion section!
Music section! Jul. 29, 2007 Finally sorted out some music tracks and set them free their new home! Finding a way to play mp3s seamlessly in-browser is a bit of a tricky business, hopefully the flash solution I've settled on is up to the task.
Gallery update and opinion piece added Jul. 22, 2007 Added Marathon:Resurrection chapter screen art to the 2D gallery section. I've also had a bit of time to put in words an opinion piece, the first one in fact, on the new catchy expression "Going Green". Head on to the opinion section to read it! is live again! Jan. 28, 2007 Out with the old and in with the new! The new site design is live and most things appear to be in working order. Currently the styles buttons at the top do not have any function, as those styles are missing. New styles are coming soon, however. If you find any problems, please let me know. update Jan. 28, 2007 After some unwanted delay, the new and hopefully improved website is back. The music and store sections are not yet complete, but are being implemented. The music section will come first. A few visual additions will also be added, so I ask for some understanding that some missing pieces and dead ends might crop up. Specifically, the store is something that will take a little bit longer to implement. In the meantime, the bulk of the work has been done and the new format allows me to do quick and convenient updates to all sections of the site, so expect to see new material show up on a much more constant basis.

Thank you for your interest!